Friday, 24 January 2014

Constructivist samovar tray

I found this Soviet type electric samovar offered on the internet for very little money

Following some Internet sleuthing, it turned out to be a Tula samovar.


As I was testing and trying out 
I felt I needed some kind of tray

 And I went for constructivism

As a matter of fact, I already possessed a samovar or two...
One I bought in 1991 on the Arbat in Moscow from a group of lads, a true Soviet type of samovar.
I use this one for summer nights in my garden or barbecue parties.

Самовар жаровый  советского периода формы банка граненая листьями
Материал полированная латунь.
Объем  5л
Диаметр трубы: 65мм
Производитель Россия  г. Тула завод Штамп
Гарантийный срок 5 лет.
Товар в наличии
14 000 руб.  
14,000.00 RUB = 288.494 EUR (2014)

DM40 (1991)

The one below- no longer in working order - I bought in 2011 on the Queen's day flea market. 

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