Monday, 17 February 2014

Aboriginal Pukumani Pole

28 February 2014 - neck and beak need fine-tuning

After hibernating
I use the Aussie Arbortech woodcarver a lot

23-June-2013 Aboriginals use Ironwood, I think Ash approaches it.

 7-June-2013 I saw this Pukumani pole in the AAMU Utrecht

I chose this ash tree trunk. I like ash, but it is very heavy and tough.

Logging/cutting/pruning in our street 23-February-2013

Friday, 14 February 2014

Vladka - the Vladimirskaya Icon

Two icons of two strong women 14-February-2014.

My final "model" was a blend of three. From left to right:
The "Novgorod", the "Classic" and the "Moscow" Vladimirskaya.

This book of Moscow Icons - a gift from my wife for our wedding - had a picture of the "right" Vladimirskaya with the green backgound. The miniatures were less suitable, though.
We went to Moscow in 1991 and the Tretyakov Gallery happened to be  closed for 'remont', so we missed Vladka. We did see other ones though, notably in the Uspensky Sobor.

Some inspiration

1 April 2013 The green paint was the catalyst.