Saturday, 28 March 2009

Ceci n'est pas un bateau

Today I went to see the Noah's Ark replica in Drachten

The rain was pouring - as if the flooding was about to begin - but not really favourable for telephoto pictures.

It is really a pity that this model is not really operational , like the Batavia for instance.
It reminded me of mythbusters, but then this whole project was set up to bust darwinism and to prove that Genesis is not a myth.

Two years ago I read Frank Westerman's Ararat - an account of his pilgrimage to Mt. Ararat and at the same time an exploration of his lost faith, the clash between religion and science and a quest for The Ark Itself.

I too am fascinated by the metaphysical character of the Ark and the flood.
But here was no room for any myth. And so I could not help wondering where Noah had kept the termites...
Or how eight people could ever dispose of that much manure, on a daily basis.

And then there was that lady, who agreed with me that the giraffe was at least twice the normal size. Were giraffes bigger in those days, she wondered.

The Armenian student and his family, proud of his - their Mount Ararat, where satelites had spotted the remains of the Ark.

Me - connecting everything with anything - supposing myself to be the only atheist present, ever sceptical.

C'├ętait un bateau ivre

English translation of Ararat by Frank Westerman

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